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So, here’s the page where I am suppose to speak about who I am, what college I’ve attend (Georgia State & Bauder College), how old I am (29 #teamCANCER baby), what I love to do for fun (eat hot wings, sews, cook, & more), and why I am branding, BlondeHair’dGirl; which I’ve invested my time, energy, money that doesn’t exist, and countless of self-promotion I’ve done.

No worries, the boring hoopla will begin…. NOW!

HI! I am J.Shenae….the BlondeHair’dGirl; owner and blogger for this fantastic fashion blog that will show you all how blondes DO have more fun and get things done fashionably will doing so. BHG caters to the fashion lovers who want to see fabulous fashions from every angle there is and giving notice to the fashionista that dope by all means but doesn’t see the light of day, such as MYSELF! {insert laugh here}

Moving on…..

BHG dibbles and dabbles in photography, wardrobe styling, and image consulting. For the love of fashion, J.Shenae has also started her own clothing line: UNICORN DREAMS. So go check it out.

The life of a fashion lover with blonde gets pretty exciting so be sure to follow and say hello to the beautiful black queen walking the pathways of fashion events with blonde hair and plenty of tattoos.

High heels & Blessings!