These Walls Talk III

Who doesn’t love an artistic way to look at women?! Well, if you don’t then this These Walls Talk III was not the event for you. Artist showing their work of VAGINAS. Yes! V-A-G-I-N-A! With several artists, vendors and one of the dopest female djs in ATL, DJ HourGlass, to look at the art perceptions of a woman’s pussy was phenomenal and didn’t make me feel vial for saying that word and looking at another woman’s vagina without making my wife mad…lol.

With amazing art pieces from Invert The World Art and DesignsCAKE – Rising Female Tattooer, Artist and Love Inspirer, D. Hodges, and many more. Such an amazing event that I am sure the next one will be an even bigger success. 

Oh, by the way I even picked me up a print from the talented D.Hodges himself:

Check out more images below…’ll find some amazing COOKIES to look at! Thank you Kimberly of VaVaVoom for allowing me to come see great art


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